Do Changes Affect Pets?

Do changes affect pets

Do changes affect pets

To me, September is the month of change. Schedules change, weather changes, routines change, amount of daylight changes. Do changes affect pets? I say yes!

What changes affect our pets? It can be a small — you walk out of the house to get the mail – or big – you leave for a long vacation. If the change is big to us, imagine what it’s like for your dog, cat, horse, etc.
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What is Animal Communication? Animal Bridges Explains

what-is-animal-commWhat is animal communication? Elaine Garley of Animal Bridges explained animal communication to the National Association of Professional Women’s Minneapolis Chapter on August 10, 2016.

Twenty NAPW members listened as Elaine explained what is animal communication.  She also explained how people “hear” the animals. Many animal communicators receive telepathic messages in the form of pictures. Most pet parents just “know” when their best friend is hungry, needs to go outside, or is sick. As children, many of us spoke with animals and “imaginary friends.”
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Your Pet is Asking “Where Are They?”

Looking Out the WindowLast night Hobbes kept looking out the window for his best friend, John. I explained to Hobbes that John was away on business for a few days. He was asking “Where Are They?”

Hobbes stopped looking out the window and sat with me. Then he slept with me until 6 AM. This was a big shift in his behavior. He usually pouts.

Today a friend said her only child left for college last week. Now her daughter’s cat is very clingy.

Yes, our best friends – cats, dog, rabbits, horses, and any pets are affected by changes.
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9 Tips to Help Dog Afraid of Thunderstorms

9 Tips to Help Dog Afraid of Thunderstorms

9 tips to help dog afraid of thunderstormsDog afraid of thunderstorms or loud noises?
Does he cower under a coffee table? Does she tremble?

Now is the perfect time to prepare and help your dog with these frightening experiences. Some cats are afraid of storms or loud noises. Remember your dog or cat will feel the barometric changes hours before you notice the storm clouds.

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Scuba Diving Taught Me How to Help Fearful Dogs

Dreaming of Scuba Diving

Nemo’s Friend

Little did I know the winter of 2015 would remind me of how to help fearful dogs.

Remember the winter of 2015 — it was cold, long, and some places dug out of lots of snow. Fortunately I could focused on warm Caribbean breezes. I was excited to scuba dive again. Time to swim with Nemo’s friend!

So get comfortable as I tell you about my adventure. It does all tie back to your wonderful pets and what I learned.
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Help Your Pet with Car Sickness, Leash Pulling, Fear & More

Have you ever experienced being embarrassed by your pet’s behavior? Or your pet is afraid of thunderstorms or gets car sick?  I have and know the feelings of embarrassment, frustration, and not knowing where to go for help.



I remember my shock and embarrassment when my previous dog, Boomer, was at the vet’s for a physical. As the vet looked into his eyes, Boomer made a guttural growl from his belly. He sounded like something from the “Exorcist” movie! Yes, the exam ended and Boomer needed to come back to the vet for some blood work.

A few days later I tried a new technique that helped him with his fears and the results were amazing. Boomer’s next vet visit went so well, the vet wanted to know what I had done.
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Halloween Can Cause Scared Cats and Dogs!

scared cats and dogs

Halloween Can Cause Scared Cats and DogsOctober is the month of changes and Halloween. Some people like getting “scared” with the goblins, ghosts, and horrible monsters. Scared cats and dogs are just that — scared!

Our pets don’t understand why people are dressed funny, wear masks, and try to scare them. For many pets it is a time of uncertainty, anxiety, and fear. Pets don’t understand Halloween and can be afraid.

What does fear feel like? Imagine getting a dreaded phone call or dropping your dog’s leash and losing him.
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11 Tips to Calm Your Dog’s Fear of Thunderstorms

Ithunder storms your dog terrified of thunderstorms? Does she tremble, whimper, cling to you, and have her tail tucked? Are his eyes wide open and showing the whites of his eyes? Your dog is showing their fear.

The dogs feel the barometric pressure changes before we see the weather. You can help them with these tips.


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7 Tips to Help Your Dog Adjust to Dog Booties

7 Tips to Help Your Dog Adjust to Dog Booties

Does your dog freeze up or walk funny when you put on him? Hobbes would keep one rear leg up in the air as he hopped down the street. Now he walks well in his booties.

Here are 7 tips to help your dog adjust to booties.

  1. Have lots of small treats for rewards.
  2. Let your dog smell the booties.
  3. Gently rub down her leg to her foot with your hand. Then stroke the top of her feet and the pads. Gently rub the bootie on her foot so she can feel it.
  4. Stand your dog on a rug or carpeting near the door. Avoid putting on the booties while he is standing on hardwood or tile floors where he would slip.
  5. Go immediately outside.
  6. If she holds her leg up, gently rub the leg to get it to relax. She will probably relax and put it down.
  7. Then walk the dog’s normal pace. Usually he will forget about the booties.

After trying many booties, Hobbes likes PawZ Dog Booties. They are made of  natural rubber, don’t slip, are waterproof, and he can feel the ground.

Still need help with your dog’s booties, schedule a free 15-minute phone consult with Elaine.

Finding Help to End Dog Fights Between Family Dogs

dog fights


Recently I received this email:

“Today I was driving thorough the 50th & France area [Minneapolis] and I happened to be behind a car that said “AnimalBridges..” and I thought that is what I need with my dogs. And THEN I saw the license plate “Wheaten” and I said “Bingo”!!  This person gets it!! So here is my story with my dogs….”

Jane was more than 20 miles from home and was behind my vehicle for only two or three blocks. She felt seeing my vehicle was the sign she was looking for to help her with her dogs.

Jane has Ginger, the 9-year old Wheaten Terrier, and Angel, the 6 1/2-year old Yorkie. Ginger and Angel were good friends until recently. In the past 6 months, Ginger became unpredictable and would attack Angel.

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