Cat Sends Messages After Death

Cat sends messages after death.


Muppet, a 8 year-old cat, lived a great life with Jennifer Wells of Cartersville, Georgia. In the past year, Muppet had traveled from Seattle to Atlanta in a five-day car trip. She was never a fan of car rides and did great.

Life was good for Muppet as she adjusted to living out in the country. Muppet died suddenly and crossed Rainbow Bridge. Jennifer had dreamed of Muppet and heard her call hello. Jennifer wanted to send her love to Muppet by an animal communication.

Here is some of what Muppet said after I introduced myself.

Muppet: … I love you and will always love you. Yes, I did visit several times already. Yes it was me you hear when you got out of the car. I wanted to tell you I am okay and I am watching you. I will come when I can.

Elaine: Jennifer said “Please tell my Miss Kitty, I love her so much. I miss her terribly. I hope she’s okay on the other side. Was it her time to move on?”

Muppet: Yes, it was my time to move on. I wanted to wait until it was a little cooler but I was very ill. I have these lumps in my belly and they were very uncomfortable. Yes it was my time to go. I didn’t have a second of pain. It went so fast that I don’t remember it. Suddenly I was looking down on my body and wondering what was happening. I thought I was dreaming. It was quick and light – light in the sense there was not evil, it was not dark. Then I saw this bright light and I just floated towards it. I saw people there. I saw Rick Wells [Jennifer’s father who pass on this past year] and others there waiting to greet me. It was so beautiful. It was so beautiful. It is so peaceful and beautiful here…

Before I talked with Muppet, Jennifer said she heard Muppet greet her as she got out of the car. This was Muppet’s usual greeting when Jennifer came home.

After I emailed the transcript to Jennifer, she wrote:

“Thank you so much for this. After I finished reading, I heard a little mew. Muppet’s tiny voice. I miss her.

I had a dream right after Miss Mup crossed over that she was in my dad’s lap. He loved kitties just as much as he loved dogs. It soothed me to thing they could comfort each other.”

Yes, Miss Muppet, a cat sends messages after death that helped her person’s grief.

I am always honored to help people connect with their pet who passed on. People say it helps them deal with the unbelievable grief they have for their animal companions. Many say after an animal communication, their tears stop and wonderful memories return.

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