Animal Communicator Explains Why Horse is Lame – Testimonial

Isabella Allard from Cascais, Portugal wrote the following testimonial about her experience with Elaine the animal communicator from Animal Bridges:

Samba, the horse, tells animal communicator why he is lame.“I was looking for an animal communicator to speak to my horse [Samba] as I wanted to know why he had gone lame and what he needed to get better.

I found Elaine while searching on-line and am so happy I did.

I booked her FREE 15 minute consultation [by Skype] and explained my situation.

She has a lovely energy and I felt assured she could help. We arranged a session.

Shortly after our call, she spoke with my horse and sent me a transcript via email of their conversation; which truly warmed my heart to read.

The conversation was informative and not only did I appreciate it but so did my horse.

Fortunately, I found out that my horse didn’t need a vet; he [said he] would get better with rest and energy healing.

Elaine gave me a few suggestions for what we could to do together while he was recovering.

I have since taken him out to graze in the pasture and he loves it!

Not only is he getting better but our relationship is becoming stronger as well.

I am truly grateful and appreciative of Elaine.

I will be sure to return when I have any issues with my animals that I need clarity and/or healing on.

Elaine comes highly recommended.

Thank you Elaine!”

Partial Transcript of Animal Communicator and Samba

Elaine:     Is it your left hoof?

Samba:    Yes it is.

Elaine:     Okay. Tell me or show me how it hurts. Is it throbbing or is it a sharp pain? (In my metatarsal arch behind I feel achy and a tingling feeling. I feel it on my left foot so I am not sure if it is back or front hoof.) Is there a sore spot or a bruise?

Samba:    It is a bad bruise.

Elaine:     Do the boots help?

Samba:    Yes, the boots help some. If I step wrong it hurts bad.

Elane:      How does it hurt? Is it an ache or a shooting pain?

Samba:    It is an ache.

Elaine:     Okay. Is this why you resist working?

Samba:    Yes. I don’t want to walk on it very far. Lunging is really hard on me. I don’t like doing that at all.

Elaine:     Because of your hoof or because you don’t like lunging?

Samba:    Because of my hoof. (My left foot is really aching and a gentle throb. It radiates out a little on the sole of my foot but stays in the center area.)

Elaine:     Do you need to see a vet?

Samba:     I don’t think a vet can help. I think I need rest. Some energy work would help me a lot. I think that would help. Also have Isabella really, really check my foot. There may be something there.

The conversation continued with Elaine, the animal communicator.

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