Animal Communication for Horses


Elaine Talking to 4-H Group

Hennepin County Hoofbeat 4-H Club invited Animal Bridges to talk at their monthly meeting August 19, 2013. The club is made up of very confident youth and their horses. They wanted to know what I did and if I could possibly talk with a few of the horses.

On a beautiful warm summer evening, 20 people and 11 horses gathered next to the outdoor arena. I talked about how my dog, Boomer, guided me to animal communication and Tellington TTouch® Training.


Then the real fun began as I did one-question animal communications for most of the riders and horses.  Here are some of the questions and answers:

  • “Why does she watch me when I walk by,” asked the rider’s mother. The horse said her that someone who looks like the mom used to beat her. The rider thought that was the problem.
  • “I changed her name. Does she like it?” The horse said “Yes. It is beautiful.”
  • “Why doesn’t he perform as asked?” The horse told me his bit was too small. The rider and horse walked away. Twenty minutes later the rider came back all excited. He changed the bit and the horse did everything he requested. I was so impressed the teenage equestrian responded so quickly to his horse’s needs.

I wish I could remember more of the conversations. Emma, my contact, asked me to talk with her horse. Her horse, Thunder, has separation anxiety when his herd buddy goes for a ride without him.

Thunder with Head High

I started to talk to Thunder, and decided he needed Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA). I explained as I checked his Hara Line and chakras with my metal lug nut on dental floss as a pendulum. His Hara Line was intact. I explained each chakra as I assessed the horse’s chakras. The pendulum made a circle (meaning it was open) as I check all the chakras up to the heart charka. The pendulum was still and then made a straight line. I heard people gasp as the pendulum did something different. I explained the heart chakra was compromised and I would work on it. The rest of the chakras were open.

Thunder Relaxed

I started doing HTA (energy work) with Thunder. The photo shows Thunder’s head was high and he was very alert. Then he started to relax – his chin and lower lip quivered. He lowered his head and his eyes softened. He sifted her weight on one back leg. When assessed again, all Thunder’s chakras were wide open. Emma led a relaxed Thunder away.

The sun was setting and the horses needed to be put in their trailers to head home. It was a great night being with young equestrians and their horses.

A few days later Emma emailed, “I noticed Thunder had less anxiety and more confidence after you worked on him.” Great news, Emma!

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