the experience…

"Our heartfelt thanks go out to Elaine who helped bring home our 17 year old Siamese cat Fiona, who had never once been outside in all her life. Elaine gave her the courage to come out of hiding so we could find her and bring her home. We celebrate Elaine’s wonderful gifts as an Animal Communicator, and feel so very grateful that she was able to help us." --Libby MacDougall, Minneapolis, MN
"Thank you so much for your conversation with her [after Gracie, the cat, crossed Rainbow Bridge]. It did give me peace of mind knowing she is okay. Grieving is just a very slow process." --Alexis Vondal, Minneapolis, MN
"Thank you Elaine..... The conversation you had with Cali [cat] made me cry. I so appreciate the information and am thankful I can now make sense of things." --Tam Johnson, Elk River, MN
“ I wanted to thank you again for your Healing Touch [for Animals®] session with Charlie Vato. His allergy symptoms (swollen, red, watery eyes and lethargy) completely disappeared within a few days after the treatment. I do not have to treat him anymore! Remarkable! I also learned how some beings are apparently sensitive to energy by his reaction to parts of the session. He is a wonderful companion and he and I thank you again!!” --Pat Hook, Richfield, MN
“It is always funny to see their personalities come out in their talks with you [in an animal communication transcript].” --Jennifer Lammers, St. Paul, MN
"Thank you so much for all you did for us as we prepared for and said our goodbyes to Hogan. I don't know what I would have done without you and your support." --Val, Plymouth, MN
“I will always remember Tuesday, February 25th, about 24 hours post surgery. Our puppy was failing. We spoke by phone, Minnesota to Florida. From the time you began your healing touch [Healing Touch for Animals®] with RAFA, I could see him improve. He stopped vomiting, he started moving, he started to pee a lot! You told me how to massage his ears [Tellington TTouch®Ear Slides]. The doctor and nurse in his intensive care clinic were amazed at his improvement. The doctors and nurses the next morning were amazed at his improvement. You were always there for what was best for our puppy.” --Patsy, Florida
“A dear friend of mine referred me to Elaine so I knew she was the real deal. I just wasn’t sure if she was able to contact me in time. The fear was gone moments after I sent my email with my questions. She not only was able to talk to my beloved Rosco and fill me in on what was going on with him but she also [was] able to calm my worried heart. Her method of healing worked wonders and I’m so thankful for her beautiful gift. Once again THANK YOU Elaine for the time you spent with us.” --Sandy Fisk, Newnam, GA
"Elaine has been extremely supportive and helpful with our dogs. Our dog Buddy had major surgery this year, to remove a liver tumor. Elaine’s work with Healing Touch for Animals helped restore his energy and greatly sped his recovery.” --Penny Watkins-Zdrojewski, Champaign, IL
“After you worked with her a few times, you not only helped Sadie, you also helped me with Sadie. She is more calm and relaxed. She is a much better dog because of your guidance. Thank you Elaine for all that you have done.” --Amber Faul, Baldwin, WI