the experience…

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your loving care during the time of Buddy [cat] passing. It helped me and [11 year old daughter] so much, and I had her read your letter [animal communication transcript] from Buddy when he was ready to go. It helped her so much. She was able to come with, be with Buddy, love him, cry for him, and stay with him the whole time [when he transitioned.]...You have no idea how much you helped us. Thank you!" --Lisa H, Minneapolis, MN
"Thank you so much Elaine. Your communication with my two dogs has increased the quality of all three of our lives immensely. I am deeply appreciative of your talent and wisdom. Knowing what each of my dogs is thinking and feeling has changed my relationship with each of them in extraordinarily positive ways. It is priceless. Thank you for your loving and helpful manner of relating to me and both of my dogs. Your gifts and talent has given me a quality to my life with my dogs that is immeasurable. I am looking forward to the next conversations with both my beautiful dogs. Thank you for being you." --April M, Minneapolis, MN
“Thank you! Your animal communication made my decision to help Tundra [cross Rainbow Bridge] so much easier. Knowing she was ready, helped me tremendously.” --Chrissy Davenport, Dalton, MN
"Thank you for your invaluable information through your [animal] communication with Dublin, and all your encouragement.  He is here today because of it.  We are so grateful." --Marti Foley, Edina, MN
"Thanks so much for talking [animal communication] to my little princess [Morty, the dog].... It is such a great feeling and assurance from you to know she is happy and healthy physically, mentally and emotionally." --Air Gustafson, Dickinson, ND
"Vet confirmed your information [from the animal communication with my dog] by her touch -- strain in hip, lumbar." --K. W., Minnesota
"We brought our beloved Frankie home as an eight week old puppy. Frankie was a boisterous, energetic, bundle of love from day one. When he got sick at 11 1/2 Elaine helped us both communicate with Frankie about how he was feeling and tell him what was happening with the vet. When it became clear Frankie was dying Elaine helped us share our love with Frankie and brought his sweet messages back to us. Elaine helped us with sympathy and kindness even from her vacation. It is so hard to lose a beloved member of the family but by helping us communicate with our sweet Frankie throughout Elaine brought us some peace at a very difficult time." --Jennifer Lammers, St. Paul, MN
"Thank you so much, Elaine. I am in tears reading the [animal communication] transcript as always. I wish I had your lovely LOVELY gift! I do my best to talk to them [her dogs], but it is so nice to hear them back." --Linda Stello, Crystal, MN
"Your guidance and healing energy through all of this has been a blessing. Ruby's passing was full of grace, love, and dignity. The knowledge that we did right by her [cat said it was time to cross Rainbow Bridge] is the only thing holding me together through this terrible grief. I also know that we are not alone." --Amy Nolan, Waterloo, IA
"Oh My, THANK YOU ELAINE FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! Your conversation [animal communication] with my horse almost brought me to tears! It really touched my heart and your connection with my horse was most accurate. Thank you for SO MUCH! We are both incredibly appreciative :)" --Isabella Allard, Cascais, Portugal