19 Tips for Traveling with Pet

Traveling with pet tips
19 tips for traveling with pet

Hobbes Ready for Trip

Wondering what to do when you are traveling with pet?

We took a vacation with Hobbes, our Wheaten Terrier, in our convertible from Minneapolis, MN to Michigan. As I prepared for the trip I realized our trip would be different from just a human vacation. I wanted Hobbes to enjoy the trip too and included him as much as possible.

Here are my tips of traveling with pet:

        1. Check your dog’s tags to be sure they are current.  I realized a week before our vacation Hobbes tag wasn’t up to date – cell phones were not listed. I ordered tags online from Boomerang Tags. The new high quality, plastic tag arrived within days!
        2. Carry a current record of vaccinations from the vet. Also carry a list of medications and allergies when you travel with pet.
        3. Have collar with current tags on dog or cat at all times.
        4. Pack his bedding, crate if he uses one, favorite quiet toys (for in motels), leash, harness, etc.
        5. Pack sufficient food and treats.
        6. Take a jug of water in case your pet is sensitive to water changes.
        7. If traveling by car, take stretch and bathroom breaks for all. It is a great time to play with your dog. They love the exercise and it feels good to stretch your legs too.
        8. Always keep your cat or dog on leash. Be sure to attach leash before you open the vehicle doors. You never know if your pet will become frighten and bolt.
        9. Carry a current photograph with you in case of an emergency like a lost pet.
        10. Make motel reservations in advance if you know where you are stopping or make them on the road. I used BringFido.com and called them on the road. The worldwide website provides all types of dog friendly lodging, attractions, outdoor restaurants, events, air travel, etc. The online reviews were helpful. Also the travel experts at 877-411-FIDO were very helpful. When checking locations online, be sure to give a date to get a current rate. I found most motels charged $5-25 per dog. Some places limit the size or number of dogs.
        11. Tell your pet that you all are going on vacation. My clients say an animal communication helps their dogs and cats to be calmer on the trip. Explain to your pet what is happening including the length of the trip, how pet is traveling, and where they are staying. I worked with three cats who moved by car from Minnesota to Texas and they had a great trip!
        12. Bring Rescue® Remedy to help your pet with any sudden changes or stress.
        13. If your dog uses a Thundershirt™, be sure to have it handy. Thundershirts are available for cats too! The gentle pressure of the Thundershirt has a dramatic calming affect especially for travel anxiety.
        14. Have your pet secure in the vehicle in a crate or in a seat belt harness. Nothing is sadder than trying to find a lost cat or dog after it bolts from a car accident in a strange town or runs from a parked car.
        15. In warm or hot weather, do not leave your pet in the car for even five minutes. Studies show how quickly a car heats up.
        16. Eat at outdoor restaurants or order carry out. Sometimes you need to be creative to find a place to eat during the summer due to the heat. Once we stopped at a grocery store and had a picnic. BringFido.com also gives restaurant information.
        17. Take lots of pictures.
        18. Find places to walk, hike, and relax with your best friend!
        19. Most importantly, have fun!

Traveling with pet can be enjoyable and fun. Hobbes helped us explore Michigan in new ways.

Remember Animal Bridges is always willing to help you and your pet have the best lives and vacations!

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