10 Tips on How to Plan and Prepare Your Pet for Your Trips

Prepare Your Pet for Your Trips

Ready to Travel?

Did you prepare your pet for your trips? When you go out of town, do you feel comfortable that you have all your pet’s need fulfilled too?  Hopefully you have time to plan your vacation or business trip. What if your phone rings with a family emergency and you must leave within a day? Are you ready for these situations? Who will care for your pet? Do you know what to pack for your pet?

Maybe your cat or dog stays with friends. What if they are not available? Do you have a plan?

 Here are 10 tips to help prepare your pet for your trips :

  1. Put your cell phone number on your pet’s tag.  I realized a week before taking my dog on vacation his tag wasn’t up to date. Boomerang Tags impressed me with their fast service. I had the new tag within days.
  2. Write down your pet’s information including what she eats and when, sleep habits, daily routine including number of walks, emergency numbers,  vet name and phone number, medication including dosage, familiar commands (what word do you say for him to lie down), etc.
  3. Include your travel plans in your pet’s information (see above). Include your return flight information and all contact information.
  4. If your pet has special needs (i.e., medical, mobility, fears of storms), what is the best way to help the dog, cat, or rabbit?
  5. Is your dog more comfortable at a kennel or at a home? Know your options include family or friends, kennel, house sitter, or at a pre-approved private home like Pets Are Inn. My dog stayed with Pets Are Inn because he loves his crate but does not do well in kennels.
  6. Is your kennel or pet sitter licensed, bonded, and insured? What are all the costs at the facility? Is play time additional? What are the additional fees?
  7. Be sure your cat or dog’s vaccinations are current as required by law or by facility’s rules. If your pet has a compromised immune system, does the facility allow titers, the level of antibodies in a blood sample instead of a vaccine?
  8. Is your pet picked up or do you need to take the pet to the lodging facility during specific hours? Can you drop off and pick up your dog seven days a week and holidays?
  9. Do you have a backup plan if your facility is full?
  10. Did you tell your pet that you are going away for so many days and will be back to see her happy face?

Since you took time to prepare your pet for your trips,  you are ready to leave.

Are you worried how your dog will do while you are gone? Read how an animal communication helped a dog and her people enjoy a vacation.

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